My life alongside dogs started in earnest  when I was twelve, my mother introduced Happy into our family. We had moved to the southern suburbs of Stockholm. Happy was of the red breed from the green  Island, is a red Irish setter. Friends and family had always had dogs, living in  the country side it tends to be natural. When renting a flat, the land lord  calls the shots....

Happy lived a long and rich setter life, which ended in 1979 after fourteen wonderful years.

I grew up and moved to a pad of my own. The life of a student, and later working all sorts of hours, didn't allow me to keep a dog. But 1987 living and working conditions had improved so much that Emma - Sunny Pride´s Cherry Blossom could move in, another red setter. Training coarse's both with the breeder Yvonne Kojzar and at the local kennel club, took a great deal of my time, but it was  fun, and Emma was a good pupil, who could have sold her soul for half a dog  biscuit.

Two years later it became time to get Emma a dog friend. Candy joined the family. I met Sunny Pride´s Killala Bay, when she was only three days old - and she turned out to be yet another wonderful dog!

If Emma was the thoughtful type, one could say that Candy was the best pupil. Though everything she made had to be made in top speed. After pulling me on a pair of skies for 4km, she wanted to know when we should take our doggy walk.

Two young setter girls took a lot of care, I worked mostly nightshifts, and used a very large part of the rest of my time  to get a pair of happy and well trained dogs. I lived not far from Stockholm  city center at that time, so to let the dogs free wasn´t easy. In 2000 Rossi, yet another red setter joined the family, and of coarse she came from Sunny  Pride´s......

The love of my youth had reappeared in my  life, and as recycling is the new trend.... and he likes dogs as well.

Emma left us almost 15 years old. That was very difficult!

In my youth, a neighbor lady had kept  Papillon, and we begun thinking in those terms. After extensive research, we could pick Mimmi up from Pappilove at Ekerö, a cold day in march.

I was very much involved with the kennel club in Ödeshög, where we had moved by then. So the master himself, had to go the first training coarse with Mimmi. An  odd pair, master well dressed in his hunting cloths (it was cold, wet and windy), and little Mimmi in the end of a very thin dog leash...., while mistress was the instructor. Mimmi did well and ended up second in her group. To the surprise of  many other masters and mistresses to larger and supposedly easy trainable dogs!

Shortly after Lotta entered our home,  followed by Skrutt (my mascot) and Merry, a real star with so much energy not even the setters could keep up. Next to last to enter the family flock is Maja, born in may 2004.

Papillons are fun! Lots of energy, easy to learn, friendly, loves to live in a group, less coat work than one would expect, loves long walks (oh yes, it´s not easy to  walk a papillon tired) and a handy size! The flock grew fast.... Much due to the  great breeder Bitte with Pappilove´s kennel and Lena with Golden Leaf´s (who  also used to breed red setters).

Emma, Candy and Rossi are now sitting on clouds in the setter heaven. We treasure their fond memories!

Hubby wanted a gun dog though, and Stella  joined us. She is a Spinone from Ryttarstigen, great dog - though she´s not  aware of her size. A trifle clumsy at times. Despite her size, she goes very well with her Papillon friends.
She may be the largest, but Maja is a month older (and almost 30 kg lighter) so she calls the shots! The newest member of the family is Vento, a mature  Pointer male. More about him shortly.
2004 01 16 I had my first litter and............and now I´m hooked!!!
Wonderful, easy trainable dogs in a handy size!